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New Girl recap: Season 6, Episode 7. Molly Smith.

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S6 E6 Recap. S6 E5 Recap. New Girl recap: Season 6, Episode 5.

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S6 E4 Recap. New Girl recap: Season 6, Episode 4. S6 E3 Recap. New Girl recap: Season 6, Episode 3. S6 E2 Recap. New Girl recap: Season 6, Episode 2.

The Birthday Party

S6 E1 Recap. New Girl premiere recap: Season 6, Episode 1. S5 E21 Recap. S5 E19 Recap. S5 E17 Recap. S5 E15 Recap. S5 E14 Recap. New Girl recap: The top 5 moments from Feet. S5 E13 Recap. New Girl recap: The top 5 moments from Sam, Again. S5 E12 Recap. New Girl recap: The top 5 moments from D-Day.

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  5. S5 E11 Recap. New Girl recap: The top 5 moments from The Apartment. S5 E10 Recap. New Girl recap: The top 5 moments from Goosebumps Walkaway. S5 E9 Recap. Description: " The true story of Colombia's infamously violent and powerful drug cartels fuels this gritty gangster drama series. What critics said Season 3 : " Narcos gains something it never really had: an emotional throughline. This ratchets up the tension considerably. Description: " With Frank out of the picture, Claire Underwood steps fully into her own as the first woman president, but faces formidable threats to her legacy.

    What critics said Season 6 : " It sounds like a compelling story, but Claire remains an icy, tough-to-read cipher through much of it, despite flashbacks to her childhood and that fourth-wall-breaking, talking-to-the-viewers thing that Spacey once did so well. Description: "A woman forced into sexual servitude struggles to survive in a terrifying, totalitarian society. What critics said Season 2 : " The most compelling scenes in the new season are the ones that explore how exactly Gilead took over America, and that draw on contemporary events and figures with eerie relevance.

    Description: " When a young boy vanishes, a small town uncovers a mystery involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one strange little girl. What critics said Season 2 : " Stranger Things provides a form of escapism that has nothing to do with alternate dimensions. It invites viewers to indulge in the sweet self-righteousness that can come with getting excluded for being uncool. Description: " Follow the Murphy family back to the s, when kids roamed wild, beer flowed freely and nothing came between a man and his TV.

    What critics said Season 3 : " The third season of F Is for Family continues to deliver on the things that make it such a worthy and unique addition to the Netflix landscape.

    Mother orders a Tesco number 5 candle for her daughter's birthday cake and gets two 2s and a 1

    It's also the season that proves the show has legs and is ready to go the long-haul if given the chance. What critics said Season 3 : " What's clear is that [showrunner Erik] Oleson and his staff course-correct after an over-crowded second season, returning the focus to the people who live in this story. What critics said Season 2 : " Yet while Future Man is inherently serialized, it was nice that its freewheeling, often maddening lack of focus in season 1 also gave it the ability to drop the larger narrative and do, say, a Breaking Bad parody.

    What critics said Season 2 : " The degree to which 'Ozark' slams on the breaks is disconcerting; the downshift in pacing creates an antsy viewing experience that transitions into blandness. What critics said Season 6 : " Fans who hated the fifth season should mostly love the sixth, which is a return to normal, or as 'normal' as OITNB ever gets. But the end does feel a little bit closer.

    Description: "Being a pro athlete didn't pan out for Colt. What critics said Season 3 : " I wish this piece was just about Sam Elliott's incredible performance. Description: " A federal agent tracks four people who suddenly seem to possess entirely new personalities, leading to a startling discovery about humanity's future.

    What critics said Season 3 : " What we get this year from the show is the best example of what a television series should be. It's not a episode movie. It's not long-form literature.

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    It's a TV show. A TV show with chapters that begin and end within their run time.

    Description: " The Tanner family's adventures continue as DJ Tanner- Fuller shares a home with her sister Stephanie and friend Kimmy who help raise her three boys. What critics said Season 4 : " The whole series has been all about family, but the first few episodes of Season 4 do a great job of making family bonds a very cohesive thread.

    It's like the Fullers, Tanners, and Gibblers are finally coming together as one big unit. Michael and Pam arrive at the Nashua branch, only to learn Holly is away on a human relations retreat. They also learn Holly is dating one of the Nashua salesmen named A. Rob Huebel. Deeply upset, Michael is at first unable to go forward with the presentation, but Pam tries to comfort him by telling him that she felt the same way when Jim was dating Karen.

    She encourages Michael to do the best presentation possible so people will tell Holly about it. He starts the presentation, but it falls apart when Michael starts asking A.

    Birthdays | Tiny Pop

    Michael leaves in the middle of the talk, leaving Pam to awkwardly finish the rest of the presentation. When Michael goes to Holly's desk he cuts a sleeve off her sweater, and notices a document on her computer called "Dear Michael", which he copies onto his flash drive. Later, at a diner, Michael tells Pam about the letter, but she insists reading it would be violating Holly's trust.

    Pam herself reads the letter and does not tell him the exact contents, but she reassures him Holly still has feelings for Michael and it is not over, giving an ecstatic Michael the closure he sought. Back in Scranton, the party planning continues to go poorly. Dwight publicly and loudly confronts Kelly about her time in juvenile hall, which turns out to be for stealing the boat of an ex-boyfriend when she was Kelly also declares she hates the cake Jim picked for her, which is completely blank; he later decorates it and spells her name incorrectly as "Kelley".

    When Kelly insists the party needs a theme, Jim and Dwight are unable to think of anything. They finally settle on offering her one hour of napping or one hour of watching television. She loves the idea and chooses the nap. She has also set up a nanny cam so she can monitor the cats from work. However, she is horrified to see one of her other cats having sex with the new cat, and rushes home to stop it. Later, Kevin Brian Baumgartner and Oscar Oscar Nunez watch Angela arrive home on the nanny cam screen, and become disgusted when Angela starts licking the cat to help clean it.

    Angela eventually returns to work and coughs up a hairball. Oscar claims the image will haunt him for the rest of his life. The first episode included a cameo performance by Rashida Jones, a regular cast member during the third season , where she played Jim Halpert's love interest Karen Filippelli. Michael handing out candy bars during his lectures is a reference to the third season episode, " Business School ", where Michael passed out chocolate bars during his speech to a business school classroom.

    Michael said he can only prepare for his lectures by listening to "silence or Sam Kinison ", an American stand-up comedian known for his extreme and vulgar sense of humor. Angela said she sold Andy's engagement ring on eBay , an online auction website. President Gerald Ford. A picture of President George W. Bush appears on a fake three-dollar bill Creed gives Jim to pay for the party.

    "The League" Birthday Song (Jon Lajoie)

    In its original American broadcast on February 5, , the first part of "Lecture Circuit" was seen by 8. The second episode received a 4.