December 21 2019 taurus horoscope

The moon enters Taurus today.
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Still, the resulting insights will justify the patience required. Long ago you learnt how unwise it is to ignore what you feel about questionable matters and, equally, what you sense about certain individuals.

However, when you state you intend to think about something, you mean exactly that. Ideally, this will focus on certain beliefs or convictions that, in fact, need to be updated. This birthday is about, first, viewing these from a very different if not revolutionary angle. Initially, you may be anxious. Being a resilient Aries, you may have been unaware the impact of pivotal issues or misunderstandings. Talk them through. With patience, they can be resolved. Unfortunately, not everybody has the same philosophy of life, which means certain individual are behaving badly to you and others.

Say nothing. Last week Mars, the planet of courage and action, moved into the part of your chart that has to do with those people and projects that are dear to your heart. This has triggered discussions if not clashes about certain increasingly tricky issues. Many Cancerians are aware of their tendency to recall past issues and, on occasion, allow them to overshadow existing arrangements.

Discuss these frankly.

Still, go. Long ago, you leant to curb your tendency as a Virgo to criticise certain individuals for their carelessness or inattention to details. Busy yourself with other things. You are, but remain concerned the basis on which any agreement is made could shift, which would complicate matters. Still, in such matters, the first step is often the most challenging.

Leo (July 22 - August 23)

This is no surprise. Begin with one person, somebody who you trust. However, futher discussions might be wise. Being true to yourself, and who and what you believe in is fundamental to your nature. Do some serious investigation. With things moving so swiftly at the moment, everybody is under pressure. While this encourages quick thinking and fast action, it can mean that seemingly simple exchanges turn into heated debates, if not out and out clashes.

Be wary of this, mostly because these could distract you from what needs to be decided. Be frank. Long ago you realised that, no matter how carefully you plan or the extent of discussions, certain individuals will worry. However, you sometimes forget that, in their case, these anxieties are all about their character and have nothing to do with the actual facts. The line between having a dream, that is, a vision of what you could do, have or become is often the beginning of life-changing decisions, and next, transformation.

Your birthday chart is about discriminating between the two. Still, each realisation and each step towards taking realistic action is a step towards happiness, as well. There are few more pivotal periods of the year than the run up to the Aries Full Moon.

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Yet sudden changes in your own circumstances gives you little choice but to do exactly that. Being an often sensitive Cancerian, you carefully avoid making arrangements that would cause others anxiety. The solution? Discuss them frankly, and do a lot of listening. Those doubts will vanish, exchanged for optimism, if not hope.

At least explore these. Obviously, turning the plans currently being discussed into a solid decision would be a relief. Still, you know that any arrangement would be temporary. The irony is, while your initial reaction may be irritation, looking back on events your feelings will be far more upbeat.

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Bear this is mind when one particular individual does something as well-intended as it is unsettling. Including them. While, obviously, this is disillusioning, think about this. Their actions were a reflection of their own fears and not, as it probably seems, a betrayal of you. That alone is worth celebrating. Watching alliances of various forms, from friendships or close emotional links or more worldly relationships come undone is no fun.

Still, you could make excuses for keeping things going. You unwittingly ignored certain things that were important to one particular individual. While, clearly, they were upset, this can be repaired. However, that means taking time to discuss, and remedy, the problem. Explain, once, then back off, at least for the moment. At the moment, the line between a lively discussion and an actual disagreement is unclear, enough your views could be misunderstood as aggressive if not thought of as a confrontation.

Uranus is about breakthroughs.

Your weekly horoscope: October 8 - October 13, | Lifestyle – Gulf News

However, it also accents sudden and, often, seemingly unwelcome changes. Judging by the range of links between the other planets and Uranus, surprises are inevitable. Instead, adopt an uncharacteristically mysterious attitude. This is a great day to schmooze with partners, close friends and members of the general public. You might meet someone new who is different or unusual. Whatever connections you establish today will make you feel good and they might benefit you in the future. Today you have a chance to improve your work station or make improvements to how you earn your money.

Moon Alert

Coworkers are supportive; however, something on the job will surprise you today or catch you off guard. Hopefully, it's a pleasant. Parents should take note that this is a mildly accident-prone day for your kids. Meanwhile, social activities might change or be cancelled. Alternatively, you might receive a surprise invitation?

Here is your horoscope for October 8, 12222

Romance especially with someone different or unusual can blossom! Something unexpected might interrupt your home routine today. Someone unusual or different will drop by or contact you. You might suddenly buy something beautiful for where you live. You might also entertain someone. This is a fantastic day to schmooze with friends, groups and everyday contacts. In particular, you will enjoy hanging out with younger people, especially people involved in the arts or creative activities.

New faces, new places and new information will stimulate your day! A discussion with a boss, parent or a VIP might benefit you financially today. You might ask for a favour or even a raise? This favour might have a social aspect. Perhaps it includes an invitation? An unexpected boon or a surprise to your finances could occur. Venus enters Virgo, bringing blessings to your career. Mercury connects with your ruling planet Jupiter, bringing big news your way before a change in plans arrives as the moon meets Uranus.

The moon in Aries connects with Venus, creating an easy and productive energy. The moon enters fellow earth sign Taurus, finding you in a flirtatious mood, and a fantastic energy for connecting with others and exploring opportunities arrives as Venus enters Virgo.

Mercury connects with Jupiter, opening lines of communication and asking you to trust your intuition. The moon meets Uranus, bringing a flash of creative genius. The moon in Aries connects with Venus, creating a flirtatious energy, and the moon enters Taurus, inspiring you to connect with your home and family. Venus enters Virgo, bringing financial gifts your way, and Mercury connects with Jupiter, creating a harmonious energy in your social life. The moon meets Uranus, bringing surprises at home!

A productive energy flows as the moon in Aries connects with Venus, and information comes your way as the moon enters Taurus! Blessings arrive in your relationships as Venus enters Virgo, and Mercury connects with Jupiter, moving things along in your career. The moon meets Uranus, bringing surprising news. You're in a flirtatious mood today, and you're also reflecting on your budget and needs concerning security as the moon enters Virgo. Venus also enters Virgo, inspiring you to bring beauty into your everyday routine!

Expect to see some cuties as you run errands. Mercury connects with Jupiter, bringing inspiring conversations, and the moon meets Uranus, encouraging you to take a risk. The moon enters your sign today, Taurus, so make time for self care: Express your emotions and indulge in romance, especially as Venus enters fellow earth sign Virgo! Mercury connects with Jupiter, encouraging you to talk about your feelings, and the moon meets Uranus, inspiring you to make some surprising changes.